skirt «skurt», noun, verb.
1. a woman's or girl's outer garment that hangs from the waist: »

The triangle flare skirt is fully lined…to give it a majestic sweep from a tiny waist to the billowed hem (New Yorker).

2. the part of a dress that hangs from the waist.
3. = petticoat. (Cf.petticoat)
4. something like a skirt: »

the skirts of a man's long coat.

5. Slang. a woman or girl: »

She's as nice a looking skirt as there is in town (Sinclair Lewis).

6. Figurative. a border; edge: »

The rabbits fed on the skirts of the field. ... a few heavy drops from the skirt of the passing cloud (Francis Parkman).

7. Figurative. the outer part of a place, group of people, or anything like it; outskirts: »

The school is…built right on the summer colony's skirts (Wall Street Journal).

8. one of the flaps hanging from the sides of a saddle.
9. British. a cut of beef from the flank.
1. to border; edge: »

Those vast and trackless forests that skirted the settlements... (Washington Irving).

2. to pass along the border, edge, or side of: »

to skirt a swamp. The boys skirted the forest instead of going through it.

3. to be, lie, or live, along the border of: »

Figurative. So is man's narrow path By strength and terror skirted (Emerson).

1. to pass along the border or edge: »

to skirt around a swamp. Then I set off up the valley, skirting along one side of it (Richard D. Blackmore).

2. to be, lie, or live, along the border, as of a place: »

A sandy desert…skirts along the doubtful confine of Syria (Edward Gibbon).

[< Scandinavian (compare Old Icelandic skyrta shirt, skirt, kirtle). Compare etym. under shirt. (Cf.shirt)]
skirt´er, noun.
skirt´like´, adjective.

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